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The Swedish Association for Road Transport Companies

The Swedish Association for Road Transport Companies organise 6000 hauliers, owning approximately 36 000 vehicles and employing around 150 000 people. 
We are a trade organisation supporting member companies with lobbying and legal expertise as well as courses and training, and more.
Our experts work, among other issues, with cross border legal issues, EU policy regulating the transport sector, technical affairs, sustainability, environment and corporate social responsibility (CSR). The Swedish Association for Road Transport Companies issue TIR-carnets for international transport under the UN TIR Convention.

Fair Transport

Fair Transport is the road haulage industry initiative for sustainable transports. We believe in leading by example and working towards minimising externalities with regards to environment, climate, social responsibility and road safety. Fair Transport is CSR but it is more than that – it will enable companies to produce measurable sustainability reports that hold up to scrutiny for years to come

International cooperation

We liaise with colleagues in Europe and globally through our networks.

We are a member of the International Road Transport Union, IRU.

IRU logga

Nordic Logistics Association
Through our Brussels office, shared with our sister organisations in Denmark and Norway, we closely monitor and work towards ensuring our members needs are considered in EU policy and legislation. Nordic Logistics Association was founded in 2012 and Sören Hyldstrup Larsen acts as our extended eyes and ears in Brussels.